The older I get, the more I ramble.

I used to love to sit at my grandparents' knees as a child and listen to them talk about the days of yore. Now I find myself looking for a captive audience so I can do the same! Not sure if the kids today enjoy my ramblings as much as I used to enjoy my grandparents, but I hope to leave them some kinda of legacy! I may be remembered as that crazy old lady that told "those tales of yore." But I will be remembered.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Wow ...

A week ago I didn't even know what a Blog was. Today I have my own. My daughter #dreamfog has been trying to coach me from 600 miles away. Bless her heart, she has her work cut out for her, just keeping me up-to-date on the world somehow lol.

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