The older I get, the more I ramble.

I used to love to sit at my grandparents' knees as a child and listen to them talk about the days of yore. Now I find myself looking for a captive audience so I can do the same! Not sure if the kids today enjoy my ramblings as much as I used to enjoy my grandparents, but I hope to leave them some kinda of legacy! I may be remembered as that crazy old lady that told "those tales of yore." But I will be remembered.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Did I forget to mention mass confusion?

Well, I thought I'd pretty well figured out what I was doing here. I keep forgetting that I don't get paid to think! I tried to change my background this morning, and everything disappeared. No posts, no followers, no background, nothing. I gave up. Went out to eat. Came home, attended a Twitter party, then came back to see if I could figure out a way to fix it. When I went to the URL (hee hee imagine ME with a URL) the blog was here, with the same old background, the same old posts, the same young followers. I figured out how to change the background, found a really nice one just seemed suited for "Nona's Ramblings" .. then went to my granddaughter's blog and realized I had chosen the very same one she had. So, I changed back to the original background and now I'm really rambling.

I blame it on my friend, Betty. She got me started last night. Asked me what year I was born and I told her. She hemmed and hawed around and finally said something like, "I'm only 20. I've always been interested in history and stuff. What do YOU remember that your grandkids are probably reading about in their history books?"

Poor child. She didn't know what she was asking for. I rambled on till 6:00am remembering everything from the JFK assassination to the Apollo 11 moon landing, to segregation/desegregation, to pre-color TV. Bet she doesn't ask me any more questions for awhile lol. But she did follow my blog, so I guess it wasn't too boring for her.

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