The older I get, the more I ramble.

I used to love to sit at my grandparents' knees as a child and listen to them talk about the days of yore. Now I find myself looking for a captive audience so I can do the same! Not sure if the kids today enjoy my ramblings as much as I used to enjoy my grandparents, but I hope to leave them some kinda of legacy! I may be remembered as that crazy old lady that told "those tales of yore." But I will be remembered.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I hate WINTER!

I moved back to South Carolina because I hated the cold and ice and snow in Ohio. This year, Mother Nature has fooled me. We have got 2 good snowfalls so far this year. Not sure if she's trying to tell me I shoulda stayed in Ohio, or if she's telling me to go further South! The kids around here are enjoying the "snow days" off school, and making their snowmen, etc. I'm just holed up in my little trailer with plenty of heat and extra blankets and hoping the power doesn't go out from the ice on the trees and power lines.Even Myrtle Beach had sleet and ice yesterday. In Florence, we got 3-4 inches of snow followed by sleet and ice. 10-15 miles away in Darlington, my youngest boy got 9 inches of snow followed by sleet and ice. I just can't believe that mess followed me so far South!!!!! I don't like it one bit. I wish it would all just go away!

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